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General information, announcements, etc.

Charter of aus.general

                         FAQ: aus.general

1. What is aus.general?

aus.general is a long-standing newsgroup in the aus.* (Australian)
hierarchy. It acts as a catch-all for topics that don't fit into a
more specific group. That means: if your article fits another group,
it should be posted there, and not here.

2. What is aus.general not?

It's not an ads newsgroup.
It's not a politics newsgroup.
It's not a religious newsgroup.
It's not a computers newsgroup.
It's not a flame newsgroup.
It's not an annexe to other newsgroups like aus.politics.

3. Can I crosspost?

No. Ask yourself what you'd be crossposting *to*. aus.general is here
so that ideas that don't belong anywhere else have a forum. If you're
crossposting, then there is obviously another group for your article;
hence, it doesn't belong in aus.general.

Excessive crossposts may be cancelled by a robocanceller. This will
happen if the article is posted to aus.general and more than 2 other

4. Isn't this Austin, Texas?


5. I'm not from Australia. Can I post to aus.general?

Sure, if it's of specific interest to Australians, and would be
off-charter in any other aus.* group. That *doesn't* mean that "it's
of interest to everybody, so it's of interest to Australians" is a
good enough reason to post. If it's of interest to everybody, post it
to the appropriate group in alt, comp, misc, news, rec, sci, soc or

6. Where should I post, then?

Assuming that your article is of specific interest to Australians,
you should consider the following:

Flames:					aus.flame
Political discussions:			aus.politics
Religious discussions:			aus.religion
Pen pals wanted:			aus.personals
Censorship on the 'net:
General questions about Australia:	soc.culture.australian
Travel questions about Australia:
New web sites:

7. Availability of this FAQ

This FAQ can also be seen on the WWW at

Phil Herring                           
                       Copyright 1996 Phil Herring.
             This article may not be reproduced for profit.

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Article posting rate graph for aus.general

The above graph is a moving average of the number of articles posted into aus.general per day. The top of the green area counts the number of articles posted in the last 24 hours, whereas the blue line counts the number of articles posted in the last 2 hours, times 12.

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