As of 2nd April 1998, the aus.* newsgroup hierarchy is being maintained by an organisation known as "ausadmin". The purpose of this organisation is to provide a reliable source of information on Australian newsgroups and to guide the further development of the aus.* hierarchy.

Prior to that date aus.* control messages were posted by Phil Herring , and even earlier, by Robert Elz . These gentlemen no longer send control or checkgroup messages. If they are listed in your news server's control message authentication file (e.g. control.ctl for INN), please change the address to the ausadmin address given below and install PGPverify for control message security.

ausadmin is a volunteer effort. If you would like to assist in this organisation, please send E-mail to

All control messages from ausadmin are PGP signed to guarantee their source. Download the PGP key from

Nick Andrew <>