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Australian Business issues

Charter of

This newsgroup is for discussion of issues affecting owners and intending
owners of businesses in Australia. Examples of on-topic discussions
  <li>ASIC requirements,
  <li>Changes to government policy, regulation and taxation,
  <li>National business infrastructure,
  <li>How to manage Australian employees, and,
  <li>Any other issue which affects businesses and startups.

Some caveats for online behaviour exist:

 <li> is a text-only discussion group. If what you have to
 say absolutely requires HTML, text encoding or binaries, posters should
 direct their potential readers to a URL which contains these things.

 <li>Advertising is not allowed in the body of messages to this newsgroup
 (Use the* hierarchy instead if you absolutely must). A standard
 four line .signature has more than enough room to alert readers to your
 company and its services.

 <li>Be aware that some participants will consider more
 "real world" than others. The onus is on users to recognise
 that libel laws exist. Ad hominem attacks are discouraged.

 <li>Crossposting to the more flame-filled newsgroups (eg, aus.politics
 et al) is also discouraged.


<p> explicitly welcomes the use of binary message cancelers and
anti-spam cancelers which apply a Breidbart Index threshold of 3. Info
on how the BI is calculated is in the "Breidbart Index (BI) Definition"
document currently at
<a href=""></a>.

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