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Discussion of "X-Files" and related subjects.

Charter of

From: (George Sanderson)
Newsgroups: aus.general,,aus.sf,,
Subject: newsgroup created (README)
Followup-To: poster
Date: 20 Mar 1995 09:05:46 GMT
Organization: X-Files Episode Testing Facility
Lines: 59
Message-ID: <3kjgha$>
Keywords: newsgroup, new, tv, x-files, aus.* hierarchy, create, deny everything
Xref: aus.general:15423 aus.sf:8435

Below is a edited copy of a control message (issued on 20-Mar-95)
which starts a new newsgroup called ""

If doesn't appear on your system within a few days,
contact your newsadmin (or sysadmin) and demand/harrass/suckup/etc.
until it appears.  If your newsadmin is particularly nasty/tyrannical,
get a few people on your system (the more the better) to demand the 

### included message :

From: (George Sanderson)
Subject: < subject removed >
Control: < control removed >
Followup-To: poster
Date: 20 Mar 1995 08:44:49 GMT
Organization: X-Files Episode Testing Facility
Lines: 29
Approved: (George Sanderson)
Message-ID: <3kjfa1$>
NNTP-Posting-Host: is an unmoderated newsgroup which was proposed via a RFD
(posted on 13 Mar 1995 in aus.general,, aus.sf,
following guidelines set out in:  "FAQ: creating a newsgroup in the
aus.* hierarchy", as written by  It was
supported by a majority of responses (via news and e-mail).

For your newsgroups file:		discussion of "X-Files" and related subjects.

The charter:

This unmoderated newsgroup will be used for the discussion of the TV
show named "X-Files" (currently shown on Channel 10, Wednesdays 8:30 pm)
and related topics, such as the X-Files books.  It can also be used to
discuss any scientific/paranormal/politcal/military premises the show
has used in any episode to point out faults/inconsistencies or praise
the writers.

The newsgroup is necessary since a lot of X-Files related posts appear
on several groups:  aus.sf,, and to a small extent on  The traffic is large enough to warrant a seperate
group.  It is also necessary since similar groups (,, discuss episodes screened in the USA, which
are ahead of Australian TV by approximately 3.5 months.

Crossposting between, aus.sf and is discouraged.

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