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aus Newsgroup Administration


The aus.* newsgroup administration is a volunteer effort to maintain and develop the aus.* USENET newsgroup hierarchy. We will achieve this by setting a clear policy for the growth of Australian newsgroups, managing the creation and deletion of newsgroups according to this policy, and providing online information to support the development of Australian newsgroups as a national resource.

The aus.* administrator is currently Nick Andrew (, and operational staff and facilities are provided by Tullnet Pty Ltd.

We wish to automate the administration task as much as possible. Before sending any questions by email make sure you have read the relevant FAQs and are aware of our current policy. This web site should cover most, if not all, queries you may have. If something seems important to you and it's not available here then please send some email.

ausadmin Role

aus structure planning

In other words, what extensions to the structure does ausadmin consider good or bad?



In general, be aware if the topic you are proposing can be discussed from another perspective within an existing aus.* group, for example aus.books.sf may be discussed in aus.sf already.

ausadmin Policy


aus.* FAQs on
aus.* FAQs on (local mirror of rtfm) (very comprehensive USENET resource)

Newsgroup Creation Proposals

Six Simple Steps to creation of a new newsgroup:

  1. Make sure you really need a new newsgroup, and not a mailing list or a website or an existing newsgroup
  2. Define the Topic and choose a group name which meets the ausadmin policy (above)
  3. Discuss your idea on
  4. Submit a formal proposal to ausadmin
  5. Participate in the Request For Discussion (RFD) process
  6. Ask ausadmin to put your proposal to the vote.

Further detail on the process is in the Group creation FAQ.

You will also need this template: Template for writing an RFD (Request For Discussion)