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Australian shooting sports involving firearms.

Charter of is for the discussion of shooting sports and
related topics in Australia. Examples of on-topic discussions include:

        -  hunting with firearms
        -  pistol shooting
        -  target shooting
        -  ballistics and reloading
        -  competition
        -  clay targets
        -  areas to shoot
        -  gunsmithing

Off-topic posts, such as the following subjects, are discouraged:

        - political posts
        - posts debating the firearms laws and legislation of
          Australia and other countries.
        - posts discussing the illegal use of firearms.

What is not acceptable:

        - HTML posting
        - Binaries (post a URL instead)
        - Crossposting to more than 3 other newsgroups
        - Commercial advertisements (unless prefixed with [COMM] )
        - For-Sale advertisements (unless prefixed with [FS] )
        - Auction advertisements (unless prefixed with [FA] )
        - Flaming and ad-hominem attacks
        - Spam and chain letters

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