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Japanese animation, movies, TV shows and DVDs

Charter of aus.arts.anime

aus.arts.anime is intended for the discussion of Japanese anime by the
ever growing fan base in Australia. The main focus of the group is to
create a relaxed yet helpful environment in which people can seek answers
to general questions about anime, discuss the latest DVD releases, new
productions and licences that have been acquired, as well as discuss in
depth each of the different series that have been released.

This group is solely for the discussion of Japanese Anime in Australia.
Any aspect of anime can be discussed; these would include but are not
limited to: movies, games, models, music, OVA's/OAV's, manga (Japanese
comics) current and up and coming releases and licences.

Also discussion about anime in America and Japan would be welcomed as
they provide much source of information for Australian fans.

Anything not directly related to Japanese anime should be discussed
elsewhere in the relevant groups, topics such as: American comics and
animation, non Japanese animations non-anime related or influenced
video games.

Crossposting would be allowed, as topics to and from such newsgroups as
aus.dvd, aus.films and may be relevant.

What is not acceptable:

 <li>HTML posting
 <li>Binaries (post a URL instead)
 <li>Spam and chain letters

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