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Discussion of golf as it relates to Australia

Charter of

The unmoderated newsgroup is for the discussion of golf
and golf related topics specifically relevant to Australia.

Topics of discussion actively encouraged includes -

* Professional Golf

Current, present or up-coming professional golf tournaments in which
there is an Australian or general interest. Discussions about players,
prize money, results, TV coverage, courses etc. Specific discussions
may relate to Australasian based professional tournaments and issues
relating to the Australasian men's and women's professional golf
tours. General interest discussions on professional golf tours outside
Australia in which there is an Australian interest will also be

* Amateur Golf

Australian based amateur golf coverage via results, courses, news and
views shall be encouraged. Along with discussions about Australian
amateur players participating in overseas amateur tournaments or in
the US NCAA college system.

* Junior Golf

Specific topics relating to junior golf development. Promotions and
results of junior tournaments, coaching and tips in general.

* Social Golf

Local club and social results, boasting about great scores and

* Handicapping

Discussions about the golf handicapping system and whether it is fair
or not, improvements to the system etc.

* Courses

Australia has over 1500 golf courses. Discussion is encouraged on the
best courses, the worst courses, what is cheap to play, what is not
cheap to play. Clubhouse facilities, pro-shop facilities, course
layouts and conditions.

* Equipment

The latest golf clubs, balls, bags, shoes or whatever golf related
piece of equipment.

What is definitely NOT acceptable -

* Advertisements for commercial and non-commercial unrelated
businesses or activities are prohibited

* Advertisements for commercial golf related businesses or activities
are prohibited

* Advertisements for the sale, trade or auction of golf related
equipment are prohibited

* Flaming and attacks on other posters

* Binary or HTML postings

* Cross-posting to more than two other newsgroups. Cross-posting
should be avoided unless the article is clearly appropriate for
all included newsgroups.

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